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Licensing Services Disrupted by Outages

Because of the disruption of phone and Internet services to the islands, the Auditor's Office is unable to provide normal vehicle and vessel licensing and titling services.

No titles can be issued, no regular renewals can be processed, no title transfers can be recorded.

San Juan County Auditor Milene Henley said, "We cannot even look up information, because the Department of Licensing computers are completely down. The only service we can perform is issuing 15-day temporary permits."

If your registration is already expired, or expiring on the day you come to the office, the auditor's staff can issue a 15-day permit.

The person making the request must bring the renewal notice with them, and must be one of the registered owners on the vehicle.

Henley apologizes for the disruption in service, and sincerely hopes that service is restored soon.

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