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Burn permits available now; season begins Oct. 1

With the recent change in weather, the fire risk has been reduced enough the State Department of Natural Resources, and the San Juan County Fire Marshal's office have authorized open burning to resume as of Saturday, October 1, 2011.

Residential burn permits may be purchased in person from the Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw fire departments. They are also available on line from the County Fire Marshal's Office at www.sjcfiremarshal.org.

Residential burn permits cost $15 and are valid through June 30, 2012. A burn pile may be up to 10-feet in diameter. A water source or other ready means of controlling the fire must be available. Only natural wood and vegetation may be burned. A responsible adult must be in attendance while the fire is burning.

Permits for larger fires require an on-site inspection. Inspections may be requested from your local fire department, or requested via the Fire Marshal's Web site.

BACKGROUND: The San Juan County Fire Marshals' Office is a cooperative effort of the Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw Fire Protection Districts. The Fire Marshal's Office reviews construction plans and inspects businesses for compliance with the State and County-adopted fire codes, seeking to keep the public safe and protecting
business owners from potentially devastating fire losses. The Fire Marshal's Office also investigates the cause of all fires that occur within the County, coordinates fire prevention education activities, and supports the County-wide FireWise program.

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