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Supreme Court denies review of Johnson's request for injunction

Washington State Supreme Court denied a request by former San Juan County employee George Johnson to review a denial by Skagit County Superior Court of a preliminary injunction to stop the release of certain records under a Public Records Request.

Johnson was the director of the county's Information Services Department before being terminated from the position when the department was merged into the Public Works Department in August 2010.

The 17 pages of records in question are the exit memorandum, notes related to his termination and two emails.

The entire court ruling is posted here.

Additional steps are required before the papers can be released. The Supreme Court ruling must become final though the issuance of a mandate. Provided no request for reconsideration is made, the mandate follows the Ruling Denying Review by 30 days. The next step requires the court of appeals to lift the temporary "stay" it placed on its order.

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