Interested in being a county Planning Commissioner? Apply now

Nine men make up San Juan County Planning Commission. Three of the commissioners' terms - from San Juan Island - expire at the end of December. The county Council will appoint new commissioners or reappoint current ones. At least one new commissioner will be appointed as Mike Carlson is stepping down after two terms. Tom Starr and Mike Pickett are the other two commissioners whose terms are expiring.

An announcement about the openings has not been released. Volunteer positions that will be open in the next 45 days are announced by the county in the middle of each month via a computer program. Because the Planning Commission terms expire on Dec. 31 -  46 days after the November 15 announcement - no notice was given. 

According to county staff, the Council has a few applications from previous years and some new ones from this year to consider. 

An application is available through the county's website

More information about the Planning Commission is posted here. 

The role of Planning Commissioner takes on added importance with the update to the Comprehensive Plan that is currently underway. 

From the county's website: 

The Planning Commission is an essential part of the public process and community planning. State laws require each county to have a group of citizen advisors to address land use matters. The planning commission is a group of citizen volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners who make recommendations to the Board on planning decisions. Workshops and public hearings of the Planning Commission are an important public forum where public opinion and advice becomes part of the County’s records and decision making process.

...Long range Planners provide support for the Planning Commission meetings by writing staff reports that review changes to plans and the development code, and for taking Planning Commission recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

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