Bail set at $100,000 for San Juan Island woman accused of child rape

A 27-year-old San Juan Island woman was released on $100,000 bail after being arrested on three counts of third-degree child rape. She is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy. Arraignment will take place December 14 in San Juan County Superior Court in Friday Harbor. 

According to court documents, on November 2, 1017 the woman told a friend she was "really stressed out" as "she had done something really stupid and she had slept with a minor." The friend figured out who the boy was and called his father later that day. 

According to the detective's report in the court documents, the boy told the detective the first sexual encounter happened while his father was out of town. The father was out of town from October 19 to October 24.  

According to the court documents, the boy told the detective, the first two incidents were at his home on October 23 and October 29, 2017. The third time occurred on October 30, 2017 after she picked him up from school during his lunch break  and drove to Jacksons Beach where she performed oral sex on him in her car. 

On November 9, 2017, the woman's attorney told San Juan County Prosecutor his client would "cooperate fully with any legal proceedings should they be initiated" and that she would "voluntarily appear in court if requested or ordered." An arrest warrant was issued and charges filed November 16, 2017. 

According to court documents, after the arrest warrant was issued, the woman went to Mexico. 

According to the court minutes of the November 22, 2017 hearing in San Juan County Superior Court, her attorney Craig Platt asked for the warrant to be quashed because "his client is currently in Mexico and he outlines the problems of coming back to Friday Harbor should the warrant still be active." Deputy Prosecutor Barnett said that "she believes that there is a likelihood that the woman may likely interfere with witnesses" and "had already made a showing of an unwillingness to appear."

At the hearing, Judge Eaton granted a  motion to issue a new warrant in the amount of $100,000.

The woman appeared in court on December 1, 2017 when arraignment was set for December 14, 2017.

Editor's note: San Juan Islander's policy is not to publish the name of the accused until after the arraignment. There are rare exceptions to this policy. 

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