Four new property taxes go in effect this year

Voter-approved tax increase will show up on this year's property tax bills include State Levy - Part 2 that provides more revenue for schools, Orcas Island School Dist #137 Proposition No. 2,  Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District Proposition No. 1, and Lopez Island Hospital District. The following information is provided by the San Juan County Assessor's office.

"The McCleary Case" Background

In 2007, a lawsuit was filed on behalf Matthew and Stephanie McCleary. The suit (known as the “McCleary Case”) alleged that the State of Washington failed to meet the state constitution "to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders." In 2012, Washington Supreme Court ruled that the State was not adequately funding basic education (K – 12). The Court ordered the State to fully fund basic education.

The State legislature determined that the best way to generate revenue to fully fund basic education was through the taxation of property. To this end, a new levy was created called “State Levy – Part 2”.

Advisory Vote No.18

The State legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, an additional state property tax for common schools, costing $12,949,000,000 in the first ten years, for government spending.

The voters in San Juan County, along with the State of Washington, agreed to MAINTAIN the tax increase.

Actual 2018 Rate: $1.02340 per $1,000 of Assessed Value (Example: If your property is assessed at $400,000 then the tax amount will be $409.36.)

Tax Code Areas (TCA) Impacted: All tax code areas are impacted.

How will this increased rate affect property tax for different groups who already qualify for a tax exemption?

Senior citizens and disabled persons (RCW 84.36.381) – not affected

Nonprofit organizations (RCW 84.36) – not affected

Exempt properties (RCW 84.36) – not affected

Farm and machinery equipment (RCW 84.36.630) – not affected


Orcas Island School Dist #137 Proposition No. 2

The voters of the Orcas Island School District #137 authorized the modernization and remodeling of School facilities, including athletic fields and facilities; and authorizes the following excess levies on all taxable property within the District. The amount to be collected from taxable property is:

Collection Years
Approx Levy Rate/$1000
Assessed Value
Levy Amount


Actual 2018 Rate: $.08 per $1,000 Assessed Value 

Term of Levy: 6 Years (2018 - 2023)

Tax Area Codes (TCA) impacted by Approval of Proposition No. 2: 211 (Waldron), 372 (Orcas), 373 (Orcas), 374 (Orcas) and 441 (Blakely)

 Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District Proposition No. 1

The voters of Lopez Island authorized the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District to generate $105,000 by a levy of excess taxes upon all taxable property within the District . The purpose of the funding is for 2018 operations and capital improvements.

Actual 2018 Tax Levy: $0.09533 per $1,000 Assessed Value

Term of Levy: 1 Year (2018)

Tax Area Codes (TCA) Impacted: 442 and 445

Lopez Island Hospital District

The voters of Lopez Island approved the formation of Public Hospital District No. 2. This measure will establish a public hospital district with authority to own and operate hospitals and other health care facilities and to provide hospital services and other health care services for the residents of the district and other persons.

Actual 2018 Tax Levy: $0.75 per $1,000 Assessed Value

Tax Area Codes (TCA) Impacted: 442 and 445

More information about taxes can be found on the county Assessor's website

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