Deadline to complete survey about plan to build new county buildings on parking lot extended to Sept. 12

San Juan County is exploring options to centralize government operations in an efficient and community-centered new Civic Campus building located near the courthouse in Friday Harbor. A design team has developed a concept that was informed by the first public survey in March 2018, as well as discussions with County staff who would be providing services in the new building.

Site A, the preferred site,  is where the parking lot used by San Juan Community Theatre and the county Courthouse. Site B where the current Legislative Building is located.

A new building would consolidate the operations of nine different county departments that are currently housed in five different buildings.

The 272 responses to the first public survey in March 2018 said the community wants a new Civic Campus, if built, to:

Align with the existing town character

Have an open and welcoming feel

Maximize environmental sustainability

Use native/adaptive plantings that require minimal water and maintenance

Include outdoor seating and eating areas

Avoid creating rental spaces that compete with existing businesses, organizations, and parks


This conceptual design of the building includes: The use of natural wood as well as the types of stones and rocks (e.g., basalt and sandstone) found in the islands. The wood will be sustainably harvested and locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest.

A maximum height of 2 stories and a design that aims to blend easily with the adjacent courthouse and theatre.

Entries from both 1st Street and 2nd Street, with open glass entry vestibules. Promotion of environmental sustainability through maximizing daylight and installing solar panels, among other strategies.

On the West side, along 2nd Street, the building has white painted shiplap siding, a green roof, and a gabled roof. The public entrance from 2nd Street can be seen on the left, next to the Council chambers and an outdoor seating area. There is a plaza and a roundabout that would be shared with the theatre.

On the East side, along 1st Street, the building would have views of the harbor. The Council chambers can be seen on the far right of the picture, with the second public entrance just to the left. The wood columns would be able to support a solar panel array.

The brick building that you can see in the background is the current County Courthouse.

Virtual Open House: At the August 21, 2018 County Council meeting, the county’s contracted architect, Miller Hull Partnership, LLP performed an online presentation of a conceptual design for a new Civic Campus building. Miller Hull’s Virtual Open House presentation can be view at council video. (Click on “9:19 a.m. DISCUSSION” agenda item and the video presentation starts at 9:26 a.m.) Also, a link to the Executive Summary document is located here.

Community Survey: The county is community members to review the draft conceptual design information (Virtual Open House and Executive Summary document) and provide input through a public survey at . The survey deadline has been extended to September 12. Individual responses will be kept confidential.

Please visit the County Manager’s Civic Campus Plan webpage about the Civic Campus planning efforts and draft conceptual design.

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