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County may install different courtroom cameras

Due to the incident that occurred during the recent Washington State v. Dustin Schible case, San Juan County has disabled the ability of security cameras to zoom in on persons or documents present in the courtroom. Judge Don Eaton dismissed a criminal case February 2, 2019 because Sheriff Ron Krebs manipulated the camera (the controls are in the dispatch office) and zoomed in on documents.  

According to the county council, San Juan County has and will continue to rely on the use of technology (cameras) and public safety personnel to provide an acceptable level of security for those in the courts.

A review of potential replacement cameras that can effectively meet security parameters as well as ensure the privacy of counsel, defendants, and the public is underway.

San Juan County Council Chair Jamie Stephens said, “The County takes seriously the recent events and its duty to provide the best level of security for our courts.”


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