Island Market's building plans on EPRC's Sept. 5 agenda

Eastsound Planning Review Committee meets from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday, September 5 at the Orcas Island Fire Hall in Eastsound. The agenda includes discussion of Enchanted Forest Trail Design Revision, Ashland "Traveler's Accomodations code and review of permit submissions.


3 pm Welcome and Introductions

3:05 pm Enchanted Forest Trail Design Revision

3:30 pm Ashland “Traveler’s Accomodations” Code.

4 pm Approval of  Minutes from August meeting

4:10 pm Additions or Agenda modifications

4:15 pm Council Update from County Council member Rick Hughes 

4:30 pm Future of School Road as one way street

4:45 pm Public Comment

5 pm Review of Permit Submissions

Island Market permit application

Island Market Building Plans

Orcas Co-op permit application





Vacation Rental Permit Application - Bush/Losleben

5:30 pm Progress Reports on other initiatives?

5:55 pm Upcoming Sept 25 non-EPRC Community meetings on Vacation Rentals


NEXT MEETING –Oct 3, 2019

More information about the EPRC is available on the county's website. Minutes and agendas can be downloaded here. 


Island Market

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