$3 million needed for new emergency radios; tax increase planned for February vote

The cost to provide a new emergency radio communications system for San Juan County Sheriff, Public Works, Fire Districts, EMS and others is estimated to cost $3 million. In order to pay for the system, San Juan County Council is considering a ballot measure that would increase the sales and use tax.

For years one through five, the sales and use tax collected will be the statutory max of two-tenths of one percent – this amount will pay for the $3 million cost of the system plus all financing costs. For subsequent years, the sales and use tax will be reduced to one-tenth of one percent to pay for the on-going maintenance and operation.

The action is the seventh item on the Council's December 3, 2019 meeting agenda. 

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  • Paul Dossett
    Paul Dossett Monday, 02 December 2019 09:34 Comment Link

    Regarding upgrade of co. emergency radio communications:
    Please look into the ability of the county to perform a 'road levy shift' from Public Works to County Current. This mechanism has been used in the past and should be available currently. For more information contact John Kulseth for the particulars.

    Road Levy Shift A shift of levy capacity (rate) from the county’s road levy to the county’s general levy. Any county is authorized to levy up to two dollars and forty-seven and one-half cents per thousand dollars of assessed value if the total levies for both the county and any road district within the county do not exceed four dollars and five cents per thousand dollars of assessed value, and no other taxing district has its levy reduced as a result of the increased county levy. RCW 84.52.043 Rural County Library District Means a library serving all the area of a county not included within


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