Dec. 9: Council meets on Lopez; staffing, budget, reaction to Monument plan on agenda

San Juan County Council will meet on Lopez Island Tuesday, December 9 from 10:15 a.m. to 12 noon at the  Lopez Center for Community & the Arts, 204 Village Road. The council will convene as the Lopez Island Solid Waste Disposal District Governing board to approve the LSWDD budget.  The budget can be viewed on the county's website. Click here to see the agenda. Then click on the document links next to the agenda item.   

Agenda items include a public hearing to adopt the county budget and set the estimated revenues and appropriations. Also on the agenda are three resolutions to: 

1. Approve a Resolution Adopting County Staffing Levels and Pay and Benefit Plans for 2020 Staffing Plan. The staffing levels for 2020 are down 1.7 Full Time Equivalents (FTE). The county council is dropping the position of deputy clerk after the  current deputy clerk retires in May. County Council member Rick Hughes said the council believes it should do what its asking the departments to do regarding reducing costs. He noted the county has 45 employees over the age of 60, so the potential is there to reduce positions without laying off people. The council will review positions as retirements happen, rather than automatically hiring to replace the retiring worker. 

A 2.5 percent Cost of Living Increase (COLA) is included in the resolution for workers represented by AFSMCE Local 1849, the Sheriff's Guild members, non-represented salaried and hourly workers. Elected officials salaries are determined by the citizen salary commission. A PDF of the 21-page staffing report can be viewed on the county's website. To see it click here, then go to "Related Documents" and then "Staffing Plan Report".

2. Approve a Resolution Providing for the Submission to the Voters of San Juan County a Proposition at Authorizing the County to Fix and Impose a Sales and Use Tax of Two-Tenths of One Percent to be Used Solely for the Purpose of Providing Funds for Costs Associated with the Operation of Enhance 911 Emergency Communications Systems and Facilities. The entire resolution can be viewed on the county's website. Click here, then go to "Related Documents" and then "Radio Stystem Resolution".  

3. Approve a Resolution Revising the Parks and Fairgrounds Fee Schedule 

The last item on the agenda regards the National Monument Resources Management Plan Protest. The deadline to protest the plan is December 22, 2019. The council may take action on correspondence to the Bureau of Land Management regarding the plan. Council Chair Jamie Stephens shared concerns about the disbursed camping throughout the San Juan Islands Monument. It would include many small islands that are environmentally fragile and don't have any facilities such as Indian Island off of Eastsound. Stephens said the move to include disbursed camping came from the former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. 

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