"Corruption in San Juan County - Supreme Court rules against SJC" video report online

San Juan Islander posted an article  Special treatment for council member's neighbors in June 2015. Four and a half years later we posted an article San Juan County loses 9-0 at state Supreme Court: SJC Public Records Ordinance declared invalid.

  • The connection between the two stories is best explained by watching a video report by We the Governed called "Corruption in San Juan County - Supreme Court rules against SJC" . The video spells out the shenanigans that took place after county officials tried to cover up the special treatment. The county went so far as to create new policies adding steps to the process citizens must go through to sue over violations of the Public Records Act. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a local ordinance cannot trump the public’s right to sue an agency under the Public Records Act and that the county's ordinance violated the Act.

The video gives a factual accounting of what happened including the code enforcement officer being fired and then paid $150,000 for unlawful termination. 

Personal opinions creep in at the end as they show each person and describe where they are now. But overall it is a well-done description of what is a disgraceful episode in the county's history.


Special treatment for council member's neighbors - June 2015

County pays out $52K in public records settlement - December 2015

County manager oblivious to concerns about contract -  December 2015 Editorial

Response to editorial from Cascadia Consulting Group - December 2015

San Juan County loses 9-0 at state Supreme Court: SJC Public Records Ordinance declared invalid.




  • Michael Durland
    Michael Durland Tuesday, 04 February 2020 07:35 Comment Link

    Excellent article exposing the inner workings of San Juan County Government. I have an issue with SJC and the Prosecuting Attorneys Office that I have been pursuing for over ten years. Each time I think I am going forward they change the rules or misinform the Courts. Prevail at all costs is their motto. I have been served with two Notice Of Violations on my property threatening fines and removal of my Shoreline Development Permits in order to scare me into dropping my case. I finally get to present my side in Court and ask my questions of why they acted the way they did so will see where this goes. Stay tuned.

  • Ray  McGregor
    Ray McGregor Tuesday, 04 February 2020 01:44 Comment Link

    “Shenanigans”! The perfect term. I’m flabbergasted at the skullduggery and malarkey these nincompoops get away with. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to bamboozle the public. Everything in the PA’s office is cattywampas. No more lolligagging! The PA needs to skedaddle pronto.

  • Jim McCorison
    Jim McCorison Monday, 03 February 2020 19:23 Comment Link

    This reads more like an editorial than a news item. Whatever happened to balanced reporting. You know, the old fashioned concept of interviewing both sides and presenting the facts. This article, along with the video linked to, epitomizes yellow journalism. When you resort to that your readers can no longer trust anything you print, unless it supports their preconceived views. This article is just another tombstone in your graveyard of irrelevance.


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