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September 1: Black-tail deer Hunting Season Opens at Lopez Hill and Mount Grant Preserves

Black-tail deer Hunting Season Opens September 1 at Lopez Hill and Mount Grant Preserves

Archery                                                September 1-29

Muzzle Loader                                  September 30-October 8

Modern Firearm                               October 14-31

Special permit; Second Deer       September 1-October 31

Be sure to review and follow all Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) hunting regulations and note that San Juan County is a Firearm Restriction Area. Written permission is required to hunt at both locations. To obtain permission for Lopez Hill Preserve, Lopez Island, please contact Tanja Williamson, Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator at tanjaw@sjclandbank.org

For Mount Grant Preserve the Land Bank is again participating in WDFW’s online reservation system. And new for the 2023 season is access to the San Juan Preservation Trust’s Sugarloaf Preserve! Reservations will consist of one hunting party per day and the reservation confirmation will serve as written permission for Mount Grant Preserve on San Juan Island. 

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