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Feb. 28-March 5: Priority reservations can be made by islanders for camping in county parks

January 19, 2024 - The Resident Reservation program, that gives year-round San Juan County residents preference for making reservations for campsites at county Parks, is available through the Park's reservation website from 6 am February 28 until 4 pm March 5

This program allows San Juan County residents to reserve individual campsite early in order to camp with their family/friends together within a site.

Non-resident friends who would like to camp in their own site on the same dates can reserve beginning at 9 am March 6.   Past limitations on the number of campgrounds, campsites and dates for the resident reservation program no longer apply.

Please go to our reservation system to make your reservations.  If a technological issue occurs during the online process, you can reach out to San Juan County Parks, Recreation & Fair Department administrative staff for assistance at parks@sanjuancountywa.gov.  Please email a detailed note.

To request and secure your reservation online, please:

  1. Go to https://www.sanjuancountywa.gov
  2. Choose the Parks, Recreation & Fair link.
  3. Choose the Camping link  
  4. Choose your desired San Juan County Park or Fairgrounds location.
  5. Submit check-in and check-out dates and your available campsite selection to compete one camping reservation.
  6. Follow all additional instructions.
  7. Submit full payment. Residents must have a San Juan County billing zip code.
  8. Should you desire another reservation, begin the process again.

Note:  Once you choose a campsite online, it is still available for others to reserve until you complete your payment process and submit.  You will know your reservation is secured if you receive a confirmation receipt.

Please be prepared when camping through this local benefit program to show your local identification at the campground if asked by San Juan County staff.

If you have a local group of 9 or more people, we ask that you reserve group campsites instead.  Group camping opened on January 5, 2024.   Please email parks@sanjuancountywa.gov to receive group camping information and forms. Group camping allows you to gather for all activities and helps us manage our Parks for the good of all campers.  

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