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3 meetings set for May 6 & 7 for San Juan County manager finalists to meet community

April 21, 2024 – San Juan County received 39 applications from around the nation for the position of County Manager. The County’s core hiring committee, including the Human Resources Director, Interim County Manager, and the Council, has been working with the recruitment firm Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to narrow the applicant pool. The county council selected the finalists at their April 16 Council meeting.

The selected finalists are invited to in-person interviews as well as a community meeting in each of the three districts on Monday and Tuesday May 6 and 7. During these community meetings, the public will have the opportunity to meet and learn about the candidates via a moderated Q&A. The exact times and locations of community meetings are still being finalized and the public will be notified of further details as soon as possible.    

The final round of interviews will be conducted by panels comprised of Council members and other elected officials, County staff, and board members from various County committees. The County Council is the ultimate hiring body for the County Manager position.    

Currently, San Juan County’s Health & Community Services Director, Mark Tompkins, is serving as the Interim County Manager and the County’s Parks and Fair Director, Brandon Andrews, is serving as the Interim Assistant County Manager.

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