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June 3: Community meeting: County considers purchasing property on Shaw Island

Shaw Island community members are invited to a meeting to learn about a possible property purchase that can assist the County in serving the residents of Shaw Island.   

WHAT: Community meeting to discuss the purchase of property on Shaw Island.   

WHEN: Monday, June 3, 2024 4-5:30pm   

WHERE: Shaw Island Community Center, 42 Reef Net Bay Rd, Shaw Island WA 98286  

HOW: In-person at the Community Center and online via Zoom at: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89268960404, Meeting ID: 892 6896 0404

WHO: All residents interested in the County’s plans for improved services on Shaw Island 

WHY: To share information, listen to the community, answer questions, and collect feedback  


The property is located at 1427 Neck Pt and includes 16+ acres that feature multiple structures. The property includes a residence, out buildings, and various storage structures. The property is currently occupied, and the County asks the public to kindly respect the privacy of the current owners. The property is not open to the public at this time. 

Public Works is the primary entity behind this potential purchase with needs for outdoor material storage and disposal (dirt) and maintenance facilities for staff (including running water and a bathroom that staff don't currently have access to). Other public entities may come forward to with ideas and needs for the property which will be considered together with the community. 

The County is looking for a solution to the long-term service needs (i.e. maintaining County roads and parks) on Shaw Island. The County hopes this purchase may provide a space to better enable mobilizing onto Shaw with increased regularity.

Property owners in the Neck Point area, and anyone interested in learning about the property acquisition, are encouraged to attend the community meeting. We thank you for your time and any feedback you can provide. 

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