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Tell council what you think about redistricting without traveling to FH

San Juan County Councilmembers wanted a way for citizens from other islands to participate in county meetins without having to spend having to give up most of a day traveling back and forth.  Tuesday, September 20, residents of both Orcas and Lopez islands can participate from 10  to 11:30 a.m. via interactive teleconference from Orcas and Lopez libraries. The agenda item is a public hearing on redistricting - drawing new boundaries for voting districts.

County staff tested the system with volunteers on the three islands last week. As a result of the test, staff is working to improve the audio quality for the remote sites and to find a means of displaying documents more clearly on the screen. Copies of most documents used during council meetings are available in advance via the Current Agenda link in the Council's section of the County website.

The Council will use the teleconferencing set up again during its October 25 meeting.

Council meetings conducted in Friday Harbor can be viewed (start to finish) via live video streaming.

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