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Charter Review Commission members set

The 21 citizens who will review the charter and if they feel it is necessary recommend changes have been chosen. In districts 3 and 4 the number of candidates for the Charter Review Commission matched the number of positions. Not so in the other four districts, with only 30 votes left to count from the November 8, 2011 election, the commissioners are:

DISTRICT 1: (total votes cast 3,388)

  • Mary Jean Cahail
  • Maureen See
  • Gordy Petersen

DISTRICT 2 (total votes cast 4,454)

  • Janice Peterson
  • Ron Zee
  • Bob Levinson
  • Bill Watson (leads John Manning by three votes)

DISTRICT 3: (total votes cast 1,118)

  • Thomas Starr
  • Frank Penwell
  • Jim Stegall

DISTRICT 4: (total votes cast 2,980)

  • Bob Gamble
  • Ralph Gutschmidt
  • Bill Appel
  • Ed Sutton

DISTRICT 5: (total votes cast 2,345)

  • Moana Kutsche
  • Stephen Garrison
  • Linda Thetheway

DISTRICT 6: (total votes cast 4,538)

  • Richard Ward
  • Barbara Thomas
  • Larry Hendel
  • Madrona Murphy

The voter turnout was 69.09 percent. The election will be certified on November 29, 2011. The county elections webpage has the results by precinct.

DISTRICT 1: (Friday Harbor) Mary Jean Cahail received 647 votes, Maureen See 576, Gordy Petersen 573 and making them the top three needed. George Johnson 466, David Meiland 387, Pamela Morais 281, Tom Munsey 247 and Richard Civille 211 round out the field.

DISTRICT 2 (San Juan North): Janice Peterson received 634 votes, Ron Zee 577, Bob Levinson 557 and Bill Watson 507 making them the top four needed. They are followed by John Manning 493, Laura Jo Severson 464, Stephanie Johnson O'Day 470, Ed Carlberg 455, and Amy Taylor 297.

DISTRICT 4: (San Juan South)

Thomas Starr garnered 415 votes, Frank Penwell 355 and Jim Stegall 348. This race had three candidates and three positions


DISTRICT 4: (Orcas West) Bob Gamble received 797 votes, Bill Appel 753, Ralph Gutschmidt 726, and Ed Sutton 704. This district had four seats available and four candidates.

DISTRICT 5 (Orcas East): had four candidates vying for three positions. Moana Kutsche garnered 618 votes, Stephen Garrison 619 and Linda Thetheway 594 placing them in the top three. Leonard Wood 514 had been tied with Thetheway on Tuesday.

DISTRICT 6 (Lopez/Shaw): Richard Ward received 910 votes, Barbara Thomas 845, Larry Hendel 814, Madrona Murphy 795 for the necessary top four. Following are Carol Steckler with 665 and Jerry Gonce 509.

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