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Judge rules in favor of county, Charter Amendments upheld

Skagit County Superior Court Judge John Meyer's February 26, 2013 ruling, released this afternoon, upheld the San Juan County's voter-approved amendments to San Juan County's Home Rule Charter.

The plantiffs's lawsuit asking for an injunction stopping the April 23 election was dismissed and the election will be held.

The county council will consist of three members rather than the current six

The county administrator position will be replaced by a county manager who will be overseen by the council. The manager's duties will be determined by the council which will have administrative and legislative functions rather than only legislative duties.

The county will not be divided into six equally populated districts with the citizens of each district voting for their own representative. Instead the county is now divided into three residency districts unequal in population. One council member resides in each district and is elected county-wide.

Judge Meyer wrote although the issue of whether it was a frivolous lawsuit wasn't yet raised, he did not consider the suit frivoulous. If it had been determined to be so, the plantiffs would be liable for court costs. County prosecutor Randy Gaylord had announced his intentions to file suit against the plantiffs to have them pay court costs.


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