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Are Peterson, Miller and Stephens entitled to full terms under Charter?

One of the issues raised by Attorney Stephanie O'Day in the court case regarding the amendments to the County Charter is that multiple changes were listed in the each of the three propositions. The Washington Supreme Court will decide if there is merit in that argument. Even without their decision, it is clear the language in the amended Charter is causing confusion.


It appears one of those changes could concievably  lead to Rich Peterson, Patty Miller and Jamie Stephens remaining in office. The relevant sentence is: "No Legislative residency district boundary change shall disqualify the Legislative Body member from holding office for the remainder of the term of office." 

Peterson, Miller and Stephens were elected to four-year terms in 2010. They are being removed from office two years early due to the change from legislative districts to residency districts.

The other three council seats were up for election in November 2012. Bob Jarman defeated incumbent Lovel Pratt; Rich Hughes was elected to the position previously held by Richard Fralick (he did not seek re-election); and Marc Forlenza defeated incumbent Howie Rosenfeld. Hughes, Jarman and Forlenza were sworn in December 28, 2012.

The outcome depends on how the sentence is interpreted by the courts. 


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