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Thank you for your coverage on this shocking and troubling story. It calls to mind so many things to question about what kind of cronyism and discrimination was involved with the two very different wetland "assessments". A good and ethical Planner (Annie Matsumoto-Grah) is gone suddenly, after asking questions and wanting a wetland assessment. The CEO Chris Laws is gone. The quick rearrangement of departmental jobs seems questionable. I don't know what to believe or think - only that it's not good. I'm kind of sorry that Ms. Albritton didn't pursue the lawsuit - I'd like to know much more than we ever will, now with the settlement; and I'd like to see those IGA papers!
Rumor has it that Ms. Albritton is a wetland specialist; if that's true, it's. too bad we won't get to use her services for some legitimate wetland delineations here in SJC.