Draft Wetlands Ordinance posted

The county Planning Commission draft wetlands ordinance is posted on the county's website.

The findings state: The existing regulations were reviewed and proposed amendments will better protect wetlands as well as improve consistency with the applicable goals of the Growth Management Act.

The proposed amendments will satisfy the requirements of the Growth Management Act.The proposed ordinance attempts to minimize the costs associated with compliance, for both the property owner and the County, while still meeting the legal requirements of the Growth Management Act.The proposed ordinance includes a buffer sizing procedure that minimizes the area required to be kept free or relatively free of development, and thereby maximizes the use of private property.

As required by the GMA, the Best Available Science was identified and included in reviewing the regulations.

The county Council spent almost $200,000 in developing BAS for the cash-strapped county rather than using the Dept. of Ecology BAS. A significant portion of the money was spent having a scientist review approximately 1,000 articles sent in by citizens.

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