Planner leaving for Colorado

San Juan County Community Development and Planning Department will lose one of its two long-range planners in two weeks when Janice Biletnikoff leaves to join her husband in Denver, Colorado. His new job does not allow him to telecommute as he has while the family lived in Friday Harbor.

Biletnikoff, who joined the county in May, 2010, has been working with CD&P Planning Coordinator Shireene Hale on the update to the county's Critical Areas Ordinance. 

Wednesday morning, March 22, the day after Biletnikoff told the county she was resigning, Hale said it is still to be determined if her position will be filled due to a budget shortfall.

"It would pare down what we are working on," she said. "We may be doing less with less," she said.

The Shoreline Master Plan update will continue. Senior Planner Colin Maycock is working on the SMP which is funded by a grant.

The CAO update will continue assuming the county Council and the Administrator don't change the department's priorities. Hale said, if the position isn't filled CD&P won't have time to do the wireless ordinance or the code enforcement ordinance until after the CAO update is completed said Hale.

Hale said if the prosecutor's office took over the wireless ordinance the process to adopt an updated version could continue.

On a personal note, Hale said, "I have enjoyed working with Janice and am thankful that she has been a part of our team for the past two years."

Biletnikoff, who joined the county in May, 2010, said she'll really miss her amazing co-workers. She loves the islands and her friends who are like family. She was hoping to raise her daughter Chloe, who was nine-months-old when the family moved here, in the Northwest.

The short time frame is due to her husband's work with a contractor for the Antarctica project for the National Science Foundation. When he was hired, he was told he was needed ASAP. His previous job was with the same project, different firm.

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