County reviews SMP progress

San Juan County Council turns its attention to the Shoreline Master Plan Update this month. Last week they reviewed the maps and Monday, March 9, 2015 they heard a presentation on the Goals and Policies; the restoration plan and the maps.

Updated information is posted on the Community Development Department website including the Planning Commission's recommended text  in the ordinance format preferred by the Prosecuting Attorney's office.

This is the text recommended by the Planning Commission reconfigured in underline and strike through form. While this draft accurately reproduces the text considered by the Planning Commission, there are differences.

These changes include:

The removal of the critical area regulatory text. Instead of including obsolete critical area regulations, the decision was made to reference critical areas, and

Minor and non-substantive changes to provide consistency in usage and increased clarity in the text. 

These changes include changing all references to ‘this code’ to ‘the SMP;’ all references to the Washington Department of Ecology are now WDOE; ‘which’ to ‘that’ where appropriate; changing references to the state codes to be consistent with amendments at the state level, etc. The amendments do not substantively alter the meaning and outcomes of the regulations.

Also available is a copy of the SMP Goals and Policies with CC, PC, PA and Staff amendments.

Staff will be:

Discussing the SMP Goals and Policies with Council at 9:15 a.m.  Monday March 9, 2015.

Formally presenting Council with copies of the draft Restoration Plan and Maps showing the location of the proposed shoreline designations

What’s Next

1. Staff is currently developing an updated draft of the regulatory ordinance based upon the Planning Commission version that will also address a number of issues identified since the Planning Commission hearings and the completion of the reformatting of the Planning Commission draft. These include:

Regulations for shoreline essential public facilities,

Usage of terms, clarity of standards, and administrative predictability,

Update of definitions consistent with the new critical area regulations,

Comparison of the draft language and their adopting ordinances to be sure that the language being amended is accurate, and

Substantive issues identified by the Prosecuting Attorney.

2. Staff is reviewing comments from the Department of Ecology and other interested parties to ensure the final product is defendable and the final adoption is not unduly delayed due to unforeseen conflicts.

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