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Equestrians from three islands celebrated opening of Turtleback Mountain Preserve


Thirteen riders on the North Trailhead.

Equestrians from San Juan and Lopez Islands ferried over to join Orcas Riders and the San Juan County Land Bank on April 11, 2010 to celebrate the reopening of some trails in the stunning Turtleback Mountain Preserve. Bicyclists may ride the trails on even-numbered days, and equestrians may ride on odd-numbered days. Hikers have open access.

Many islanders contributed time and money through the San Juan Preservation Trust to obtain the Turtleback Mountain Preserve as public land. Sunday's ride, hosted by the SJC Land Bank was graciously led by Ruthie Dougherty, Land Bank Orcas Steward, and Orcas equestrian Alicia Miller.

Miller said, "I am just so happy to be riding these trails again. I have been riding here with so many friends since I was a child. About 20 years now."

The group met at the North Trailhead, pictured here, and rode several trails allocated to equestrians. Dougherty asked the group to suggest improvements.

Several riders suggested opening any of the fire roads that provide the amazing views of the water and surrounding islands Turtleback is famous for.


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