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Update on Lopez Village Stormwater Improvement Project

San Juan County Public Works crew has completed the Lopez Village Stormwater Improvement Project new stormwater channel on Lopez Island which is currently in-use and performing well - especially during recent rains. This new channel is a major improvement for stormwater conveyance and capacity in Lopez Village. The new bridge has been installed and rock lining has been completed.

This Week – December 5-9:

Crews will install the vortex weirs and split rail cedar fence

Crews plan to clean up and prepare to leave the project site

Long-Term Plans:

The new parking area will be chip sealed next year so the gravel walking trail will be more defined. In the meantime, a temporary divider will be installed to maintain the integrity of the trail over the wintertime. Tree and shrub planting will commence in early spring.

The road is currently open to the public. The Department of Environmental Stewardship and Project Manager Krista Davis would like to thank the Lopez community for their patience and support throughout the planning, design, and construction of the new stormwater channel.

Project Overview:

The Lopez Village Stormwater Improvement Project will upgrade the eroding ditch along the east side of Village Road and improve storm water quality and manage flooding.

The project is funded by a grant from the Department of Ecology and the County’s Clean Water Utility. In addition to the drainage, the parallel parking along the road will be improved and a gravel trail and bridge crossings will be installed to provide safe pedestrian access to the Farmers Market. The drainage will be planted with native vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and grasses. All work is being conducted within the County road right of way and easement.

The project will remove seven mid-sized trees (five crabapple, one apple, and one red alder) currently growing over a sanitary sewer main and in the path of the new drainage swale. New trees will be added along the drainage and trail to replace those removed by the construction.



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