SJC's fault receives nothing from $153 million in state fund infrastructure grants

Washington state is investing $153 million in public infrastructure projects Funds from the Public Works Trust Fund to improve public health and safety in 46 Washington communities. San Juan will not receive a dime.

This is one of the consequences of not being compliant with the Growth Management Act. The county still has several elements of the Act to complete and until it does is not eligible for several programs which provide funds for projects and low interest loans for others.

The Public Works Board announced the approval of $152,781,000 for 58 public infrastructure construction projects around the state Monday, April 23, 2012. The complete list is available here.

"In December 2011, Governor Gregoire adopted the Board's recommended loan list of infrastructure projects in her capital budget proposal," said Stan Finkelstein, Chair of the Public Works Board. "Over the past four months, we have worked very closely with the Governor and the state Legislature to finalize the list of construction-ready projects that was included in the 2012 Supplemental Capital Budget signed today."

Chair Finkelstein said the 58 projects on the list will benefit 46 communities, create more than 1600 jobs, and improve drinking water, sanitary sewers, storm water, and solid waste systems. Local governments will use the funding to upgrade these systems, improve public health and safety, respond to environmental issues, and promote economic development.

"Local infrastructure investments, such as these by the Public Works Board, protect the safety of our citizens, create needed jobs, and lay the foundation for our future prosperity," said Camas City Administrator Lloyd Halverson. The low interest loans from the state Public works Trust Fund will help the city pay for a new drinking water reservoir and a sewer transmission main.

Established in 1985, the Public Works Board administers the Public Works Trust Fund, a revolving loan fund that offers low-interest loans to help local governments and special purpose districts finance critical public works projects. The Public Works Board receives administrative support from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

For more information about the Department of Commerce, visit For more information on the Public Works Board, visit

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