Two arrested on drug charges in Eastsound

Marvel Ross of Orcas Island, who had outstanding felony warrants,  was arrested on Monday, November 20, 2017 at a home on Orcas Island. A woman who answered the door and told deputies he wasn't there was also arrested for rendering criminal assistance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies obtained a search warrant after the woman would not give them permission to enter the residence. According to the deputy's report:

"I advised her that we learned Ross was inside. I asked her if he was. She said, "No."...I advised her that we had a witness state that he was there. She again reiterated that he was not there. I advised her that Ross was wanted on several felony accounts. I advised her that if we applied for and were granted a search warrant and we found him inside hiding she would face criminal charges for assisting him. I again asked her if we could look inside. She said, "Let me put my dog away." She walked inside, shut the door behind her and did not come back out after several attmpts of knocking and calling her phone.

"A search warrant was applied for and granted. A search was conducted and Ross was found locked in the bathroom of the single bedroom, single bathroom home.

"The woman was found lying face down on a bed in the living room.

"A supplemental search warrant was applied for and granted after we found drug paraphernalia inside the home. We located a silver brief case under one of the pillows on the bed the woman was lying on. The briefcase contained drug paraphernalia including pipes and baggies with white residue, a small rubber container with brown residue and a wad of aluminum foil containing white crystal like substance that in my training and experience I believe is methamphetamine.

"We further located multiple spoons with residue, glass pipes with residue, a large bong with white residue and several baggies with residue.

"...The presumptive field test kit provided a positive reaction indicating the presence of methamphetamine."

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