Sheriff Krebs' response to Alex MacLeod's article about rape suspect

I wish to take a minute to respond to a recent article that was posted in the Island Guardian and the San Juan Islander. While I cannot comment on the specifics of these cases as they are active investigations, I do want to set the record straight. We take every case very seriously and sexual assault is no different. The San Juan County Prosecutor’s Office would not make a final decision regarding the charging of a sexual assault until witnesses are interviewed, evidence is obtained and the investigation has been completed. Again we take all sexual assaults very seriously.

It is extremely irresponsible and damaging to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence to print inaccurate or wrong information that may lead them to believe that the Sheriff’s Office does not care about them or their cases, especially with everything going on in the news today. Stories such as this can prevent sexual assault victims from coming forward and reporting the crime.

It is our responsibility to investigate all crimes thoroughly before presenting them to the Prosecutor’s Office in order to ensure the successful prosecution of a criminal suspect.


Ron Krebs, Sheriff

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  • Mary Schmitt Attorney at Law Saturday, 29 September 2018 16:19 Comment Link

    I reported a person at risk of sexual assault in Sunken Park this summer. The Sheriff's deputies responded in a timely manner and took the appropriate action which likely prevented an assault.

    Due to the road construction, Sunken Park and the surrounding area is pitch black after dark. I am always concerned about the young women going down into Sunken Park after dark. The town has installed a new light at the gazebo. However, I think parents should show a presence at Sunken Park after dark and warn their children that it is not the safest place to be especially if you are under the influence of alcohol or controlled

    The police are called after the crimes occur. Parents must be proactive in working with the Town of Friday Harbor to insure safety in Sunken Park and other areas and not just wait for the police to respond to crimes committed in the park. Phentynal is a huge problem in Victoria and Vancouver and it won't be long before we see the drug's ramifications here. Just listen to all of the reports on deaths of young people from phentynal on CBC radio.

    Two years ago, the Town "took back" Sunken Park and made it safe. I think it is time to take back the park again. I can see a downward trend happening at the park.

    I think the Sheriff's office is always responsive to my calls. If anything, the Town of Friday Harbor needs to hire maybe two more officers to deal with the influx of people into the area and any increase in calls.

    Many local people consider Sunken Park a safe haven for young teenagers. Unfortunately, you have to be cautious with Sunken Park, just like any park on the mainland. An immediate response should be to increase the amount of lighting in Sunken Park.


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