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Updated: Video of bear and fox visit Mount Dallas neighborhood

The black bear who spent the weekend on San Juan Island was caught on camera in the Mount Dallas neighborhood. Anita shared a video taken by a surveillance camera. It shows the bear followed closely by a fox walking through her yard. 

Sheriff Ron Krebs encouraged people to continue to call in sightings to the Sheriff's Office 360.378.4154.  He said,"No one knows what the bear is doing or where he is going which is why it is so hard to trap it. At this time we are not actively trying to trap it. It is just on the move too much and we have no idea where to set a trap. If it stops and settles in then we will get the trap out there to try to capture it."

Reports have come in from areas near  Beaverton Valley Road, Sportsman Lake, Cady Mountain, Mount Dallas and more. One person reported almost hitting the bear when it ran across the road. The bear appears to be fond of bird feeders. 

Please note, it is against the law to hunt the bear now. Bear hunting season in the coastal areas of Washington State is from August 1 to November 15. 

In 2017, a different black bear swam to Orcas Island on Memorial Day weekend. He was caught in a trap - lured by bacon grease - on June 8 and transported via the ferry to the mainland. He was released in the Marblemount area near Sedro-Woolley. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the video. 

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