Fraud and scams on the increase in the San Juan Islands

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone who thinks they are a victim of fraud to call the Sheriff's Office business line at 360.378.4151.  Sheriff Ron Krebs says they are seeing a rise in both online and mail fraud in recent months.

With millions of Americans filing for unemployment, tax season extended to July 15, and stimulus checks arriving in the mail, people who prey upon unsuspecting citizens are taking advantage. Sheriff Krebs and his staff are seeing a rise in fraudulent unemployment claims.

If you have a question about anything that has to do with what you may suspect as being fraudulent or just not on the up and up, feel free to call the Sheriff’s Office at 360.378.4151. They will help determine if you are dealing with a legitimate source.

If you feel you are a victim of fraud, please call the 

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