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Vandalism suspects caught; numerous items recovered

Two local residents are suspected of causing the vandalism that took place earlier this week in Friday Harbor. San Juan County Undersheriff Zac Reimer said two search warrants were executed and numerous items were recovered.

Also recovered were about $800 worth of cordless tools. Reimer says the other items were matched up with their owners, but there is no record of these stolen items. If they belong to you, please contact Undersheriff Reimer at 360.378.4151.

The case is still ongoing and it is expected the two locals will be charged soon.


  • Louis hubbard Monday, 21 September 2020 10:13 Comment Link Report

    Stealing sucks! People work hard for things, it sucks when someone thinks they are entitled to anything that is not theirs, but really the loss and the lack of respect for the time and money someone else has put into these belongings is just callous and weak, actions that lack empathy for anyone but themselves. I hope the punishment fits.

  • Craig Jordan Saturday, 19 September 2020 00:32 Comment Link Report

    I really appreciate this type of law enforcement. We cannot live peacefully while predators steal our belongings. Some say "stuff" can be replaced and that our lives are not threatened. I disagree. It takes us hours, days, months, and sometime years to acquire things. When a criminal steals those things, they "kill" that portion of our lives spent earning them. I resent those residents that consider themselves superior to us lowly workers and believe it's OK to steal, or vandalize our property. When our Sheriffs nab them, it shows them that they are not so special, in fact, it shows them that they are inferior to those who lead an honest life. Hopefully, they will learn from this and become decent neighbors after paying their debt to us all. Thanks to the Sheriff's department and all the deputies!!

  • Dave Friday, 18 September 2020 18:51 Comment Link Report

    This is great news. Nice work from our law enforcement.

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