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Information sought about Mullis Center zoom-bombing

Friday, November 12 the Mullis Community Senior Center hosted a Zoom live feed for our community to observe the San Juan District Committee ballot count. This meeting was highjacked by digital disruptors sharing racist, sexist, and pornographic content. 

We are taking this incident VERY SERIOUSLY and are working with law enforcement to identify the responsible party(s). The San Juan County Sheriff's Department would like to hear from any individuals that were in the Zoom meeting. Individual reports may be helpful to the authorities in building the case. 

Call: 360-378-4151 to speak with Detective Lukas Peter or Detective Raymond Harvey

Email: Detective Raymond Harvey at rayh@sanjuanco.com.

Zoombombing intrusions of this nature can trigger memories of past traumas and stressors. Oppressive language and images might contribute to feelings of fear, anxiety, rage, shock, confusion, or shame. Meeting participants might experience physiological reactions such as increased heartbeat, perspiration. These types of responses can be normal and there are resources to help process trauma. The Mullis Center will be adding additional resources in the next few days. 

  • Washington Listens (1-833-681-0211): Support program to help people manage elevated levels of stress, 9am-9pm M-F, 9am-6pm Sat/Sun. Speak anonymously with a specialist and get connected to community resources in your area. 
  • Washington Warm Line (1-877-500-9276): Peer support help line for people living with emotional and mental health challenges. Visit: https://mhanational.org/covid19 


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  • TeriLyn Brown Tuesday, 16 November 2021 08:46 Comment Link Report

    "Photo bombing," which I assume is the reference here, is cute and funny. I would call the event at the Mullis Zoom terrorism. Not at all funny, and designed to bully and frighten.

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