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San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Encourages Seniors to Learn About Fentanyl

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging senior citizens and aging adults to proactively learn about Fentanyl, the threat it poses, and how to have conversations with adult children and grandchildren. Fentanyl has become a growing concern in society, and it's crucial that the older generations understand its risks and know how to discuss it openly with their loved ones.

The Sheriff’s Office uses information from organizations dedicated to seniors' well-being, such as ECDOL.org – Excellent Care, Decency, & Optimal Living. Their ‘Senior's Guide to Fentanyl’ offers clear explanations, practical advice, and thoughtful insights on this sensitive subject.

Find information about:

  • What is Fentanyl?
  • Why is Fentanyl a threat?
  • Tips for talking to adult children/grandchildren about Fentanyl
  • Helpful articles and interactive drug education videos
  • Printable 3-Fold Pamphlet for easy distribution

For the complete guide, visit https://www.ecdol.org/a-seniors-guide-to-fentanyl/.

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