WSDOT seeks public input on the draft Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, Nov. 16 – Dec. 16

OLYMPIA – Community members across the state can get a glimpse of a new list that highlights upcoming transportation improvement projects scheduled in the next four years. The Washington State Department of Transportation is seeking public review and comment on the annual statewide project list included in the draft 2017-2020 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The online project list is the result of months of collaboration with local and regional transportation planning organizations.

How to comment The public comment period for the draft STIP is Wednesday, Nov. 16, to Friday, Dec. 16. Written comments can be sent to:

Nancy Huntley


PO Box 47390

Olympia, WA 98504-7390

email:, or by fax at 360-705-6822.

The comment period is the final step of the community engagement process that begins locally. Comments received will be sent to the local or regional planning organization for their consideration.

About the projects list

More than 1,300 statewide transportation improvement projects using $2.9 billion in federal funds are included in the 2017-20 STIP. Also included are approximately 125 projects using $1.5 billion of Connecting Washington funds. Projects in the STIP include pavement preservation, roadway widening, bridge replacement or repair, signal systems, safety enhancements, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transit facilities.

The STIP was developed by WSDOT in coordination with statewide metropolitan and rural transportation planning organizations to ensure that the projects are consistent with local, regional and state long-range plans. Some county projects are not included in the draft STIP since state law requires counties to complete their transportation programs by the end of the year so those projects are amended into the final STIP in January.

About the STIP

The draft STIP is a four-year, prioritized program of federally funded transportation projects, as well as regionally significant state and local transportation projects. The projects listed in the STIP have been identified through community engagement at the local, regional and state planning and programming processes as the highest priorities for available funding to preserve and improve the statewide transportation network. A new four-year STIP is created annually, and several projects may carry over as they move from design, to permitting and finally, to construction.

Projects included in the STIP are funded by a combination of federal, state and local sources. Federally funded projects must be included in the STIP before Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration can authorize the expenditure of federal funds.

The current 2016-19 STIP can be viewed online and a similar, searchable database of the 2017-20 STIP will be created in early 2017, following FHWA and FTA approval.

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