Nonprofit organizations could have to register with PDC in 2019

Nonprofit organizations that plan to support or oppose candidates or ballot measures might need to register with the Public Disclosure Commission in 2019.

In the Disclose Act of 2018, the Legislature established reporting requirements for some nonprofits, primarily those that don't meet the definition of a political committee but are incidentally making contributions or expenditures in Washington election campaigns.

Nonprofits are subject to the law if: 1) they make monetary or in-kind contributions to candidates or political committees that together total $25,000 or more, and 2) they receive cumulative payments of $10,000 or more from a single source.

These organizations, called “incidental committees,” must register with the PDC and disclose their top donors. The law took effect Jan. 1, 2019.

To assist compliance, the PDC has:

passed emergency rules explaining certain terms and disclosure requirements,

created new forms – the C-1ic and C-8 – for the required reporting, and

posted incidental committee reporting instructions on the agency’s website.

Reports will be filed by U.S. mail since an electronic filing option for incidental committees does not yet exist. The public can access filed reports by using the “View reports” tool on the PDC website. (Look for C-1ic and C-8 options in the “form type” field – they will appear if any are available to view.)

PDC staff are available to answer questions at and 360-753-1111.



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