Signature review of I-1000 petition sheets reveals discrepancy

OLYMPIA — During the administrative process of verifying petition signatures for Initiative 1000, which is an initiative to the Legislature concerning remedying discrimination and affirmative action, election workers discovered inconsistencies on several of the submitted petition sheets.

Sponsors of the I-1000 campaign submitted 394,716 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office. Upon review of the petition sheets, 61 pages with 891 signatures contained language that was different than the official ballot title and summary created by the Office of the Attorney General. For this reason, the Secretary of State’s office will not consider the 61 petition sheets in accordance with RCW 29A.72.170 and is undertaking a new random sampling of the remaining signatures to ensure the integrity of the process and reinforce public confidence.

An initiative to the Legislature needs 259,622 valid signatures to qualify for certification. The Secretary of State’s office will complete this process by February 14, 2019.

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