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$2.2 million for Hannah Heights water system's PFAS problem included in $3.8 million for three projects in San Juan County

Relief for the Hannah Heights neighborhood on San Juan Island in the form of $2.2 million to help deal with the high PFAS levels in their water supply is included in the state’s capital construction budget. 

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a family of thousands of chemicals prized for their indestructible and non-stick properties. Because they won’t break down in the environment for tens of thousands of years, they are referred to as “forever chemicals”. Read more about these toxic chemicals in this EPA PDF.

Preliminary architectural design concept of Lopez Food Center.

Funding for other San Juan County projects include $197,000 to support construction of the new Lopez Food CenterThe proposed facility will offer spaces to strengthen the local food system with community services, commercial and retail activities, and affordable housing.

The third project, conservation of a 184-acre parcel on the eastern edge of Blakely Island, will receive $1.4 million.

Other projects in the 40th district are: 

  • $206,000 to plan for a new intergenerational community center and expanded aquatic facilities in Bellingham
  • $125,000 for the expansion of the Port of Skagit Granary
  • $103,000 for sewer upgrades to support the goal of making Summit Park the education and cultural center of the Samish Indian Nation