Chance for input on Sunshine Alley project

The results of an online survey about proposed changes to Sunshine Alley  will provide the answers to five questions. The five key proposals involve alternatives concerning the location of the performance stage, Sunshine Alley connections across First Street, Alley traffic management, Alley parking allowances, and the public restroom.

Once the design firm knows the preferences, it will complete  a final design, program concept, cost estimates, and financing particulars.

The complete list of 91 proposals can be viewed on the Town of Friday Harbor's website.

Sunshine Alley Design Workshops were conducted over two evenings in late February and involved 57 people who had signed up on the Town’s website to participate. The participants were divided into seven small groups that brainstormed ideas for improving Alley appearances and activities.

The workshop participants identified 91 specific actions dealing with a courtyard commons, site and building developments, activities, children’s activities, walkways, traffic, parking, signage, amenities, artworks, landscape, infrastructure, security, and trash. The complete list of all 91 proposals and the people who signed up to participate in the workshops is available on the Town of Friday Harbor's website.

The proposed actions were illustrated with site plans and sketches including proposals with alternative choices during an open house on April 22 at Brickworks, Fifty people attended the open house. Illustrations and a list of the people who participated in the open house is also available on the Town website.

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