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North Bend Administrator to replace King Fitch

duncan-wilson-125Duncan C. Wilson, currently city administrator for the City of North Bend, Washington, will replace retiring Town of Friday Harbor Administrator King Fitch if the town Council adopts a contract as expected December 15, 2011.

Mayor Carrie Lacher selected Wilson for the position stating, "If anyone qualifies as irreplaceable, it is Mr. Fitch. But I believe Mr. Wilson has the skills, vision, and energy we need to help take our Town into a strong and dynamic future."

Wilson has been the administrator for the City of North Bend for the last five years. Prior to that, he was the Attorney and Deputy City Manager for the City of Covington. As an attorney, Wilson also has a 25-year background focusing on municipal law.

Wilson will have one month to work alongside Mr. Fitch beginning June 1, 2012 before assuming full duties as the Town Administrator.

Under the town's form of government it is the mayor who interviews candidates and selects the administrator. The council does not play a role in the selection process, they confirm the decision by approving the contract.

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