Town to adopt Single-Use plastic bag ban this month

Friday Harbor Town Council delayed their vote on adopting a plastic bag ban until their next meeting scheduled for February 16, 2017. The Council wants to match San Juan County's ordinance Regulating the Distribution of Single-Use Carryout Bags in Retail Establishments and the county Council is expected to make a change to its ordinance.

The change is to clarify language regarding recyclable paper bags. The section to be amended is: Sec. 2 Regulations (B) Retail establishments in the unincorporated area of the County may provide to a customer at the point of sale a reusable bag or a recycled paper bag.

County Public Works staff told the Town Council, the section was meant to require a "recycled" paper bag or a reusable bag.

Mayor Carrie Lacher said the Town Council decided to wait for the new language rather than adopt an ordinance that would need to be amended. 

Customers at King's Market and Market Place in Friday Harbor will still be asked "Plastic or Paper" as the stores will be using thicker plastic bags. The ordinance allows plastic bags if they are at least 2.25 mils thick.

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