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Town and its utility customers contribute $2550 to Hospice of San Juan

A fundraising effort by the Town of Friday Harbor and its customers resulted in a $2550 donation to Hospice of San Juan. Town utility customers were encouraged to support this local charity through the Town’s Harbor Life Ring program which collects charitable donations included with customer’s utility payments. Hospice of San Juan received all donations made on the April bills, plus an additional $1000 in matching funds from the Town.

“The Town is proud of the generosity of our citizens and their willingness to join us in supporting this critically important local charity,” said Town Administrator Duncan Wilson, adding, “Hospice of San Juan allows those in need of hospice care and their families to stay on-island to be surrounded by their island neighbors.”

Hospice of San Juan is one of the only all-volunteer, non-profit hospice organizations in the country. For over 30 years it has provided the island with compassionate and professional respite, support, therapy, transportation, and use of medical equipment—all at no cost to the patient or family. They collaborate with mainland-based Hospice of the NW, but are able to provide more immediate and continuous local assistance.

Harbor Life Ring is an on-going program that invites Town utility customers to assist those in need of urgent assistance with their utility expenses by contributing extra funds with their monthly bill payment. Donations to Harbor Life Ring and Hospice of San Juan are tax deductible.

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