Get ready for a roundabout in Friday Harbor

The Town of Friday Harbor will install the markings for a roundabout at the intersection of Spring Street and Argyle Avenue before Memorial Day. Large trucks will still be able to make a left turn from Spring Street onto Argyle Avenue since the markings will be flat. 

Town Administrator Duncan Wilson first saw painted roundabouts when he was on vacation in Ireland and realized it would work in Friday Harbor. A regular roundabout with a built up center wouldn't was unworkable because it would  require taking space from Wells Fargo and The Little Store. 

Yield signs will be placed at the three entrances to the roundabout - two on Spring Street and one on Argyle. The crosswalk from Wells Fargo to The Little Store will be removed and one will be placed from Ace Hardware to Wells Fargo. Another crosswalk will be installed from Ace Hardware to the Little Store. The biggest change will be the extension of the crosswalk across the front of The Little Store. The portion shown behind the black bar in the illustration will either be a sidewalk or will be separated from the street by a curb. 

The Town will hold an Open House close to the opening of the roundabout. 


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