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Pruning of Dutch elm postponed to June 13

Aerial view of Memorial Park taken by Bob Wilson.

Urban Tree Services/Bartlett Consulting from Mt. Vernon traveled to San Juan Island this week to assess the two 100-year-old trees in Memorial Park. The town staff does not know the prognosis yet.  The consultants will be returning with a third person who is an expert in very old trees. A large limb fell off one of the trees during the night of June 2, 2022 revealing the presence of rot.

This is a picture of how the elms should have looked with the right pruning. Photos from the 1930s show the elms were pruned incorrectly, resulting over time in the large lateral limbs that are problematic today.

Town crew were given direction to further alleviate excess weight in the tree that lost the limb (one closest to Downriggers) and to remove dead and dying limbs in the tree nearest the ice cream shop. That work was done by town staff.

Please avoid driving through the area, if you can. Flaggers will be directing traffic, but it’s tight down there and the town's lift will have to be in the street. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

The limb removal work has delayed the return to “normal” pre-fire traffic routing. We will let you know when that can resume.

Thanks everyone.


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