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Street striping throughout Friday Harbor scheduled May 16-17


Street striping throughout the Town of Friday Harbor is scheduled for  Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17, 2024. The goal is to complete restriping of major streets, as well as some of the secondary streets. The work schedule is dependent on weather.

Motorists should use caution when they encounter road striping operations. The Contractor will place orange cones to signify freshly painted areas. DO NOT drive across the wet paint stripes.

Although the manufacturer claims the paint will dry quickly under ideal conditions, your vehicle tires will likely track the paint if crossed when it is still wet. This tracking will not only make the finished striping job look sloppy, but the paint may transfer onto your vehicle if not cleaned off immediately.

If you drive through road paint, if possible, go to the car wash and pressure rinse the area right away before the paint has a chance to set. This will loosen and remove most of the paint unless it has dried for more than a day. Avoid solvents or scouring as this will likely damage the finish of the vehicle. Tips are available online for how to safely remove road paint from vehicle.

As always, drive carefully and thank you in advance for proceeding with caution in areas where crews are working in the roadway. Contact Town Hall at 360.378.2810 with questions or concerns.

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