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Town revenue sources report and budget online

The Town of Friday Harbor's 2012 budget is available online. A review copy can be viewed at Town Hall located on Second Street in Friday Harbor.

The total revenue budgeted for 2012 is $1,585,190.

The 2011 budget amount was $1,803,840. As of September 30 the revenue collected was $1,316,987. The revenue collected in 2010 was $1,663,581.


Property taxes are budgeted $330,000 for 2012 compared to $435,000 in the 2011 budget. $403,551 was collected in 2010. Sales tax revenue is budgeted at $900,000 for 2012 the same as 2011. In 2010 $866,709 was collected.

The town's utilities - water, sewer, garbage, stormwater - are funded by the rates paid by the customers and are not included in the revenue sources listed above.

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