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I, too, would like to see an analysis of current hotel room capacity in the fall, spring and winter months in FH. So once again the summer blast of tourism will pay the new hotels bills and the Bistro will compete with other eateries that can't fall back on selling rooms to stay solvent in the winter months. Smaller slices of the little winter pie.

Sounds like a wealthy developer from elsewhere without a care or clue as to local economic issues and attendant cause and effects of lack of affordable housing,water use and further inflation of an "insane tourist invasion" summer. Oh and then there is the cliff edge location for a 3 story monstrosity dominating the harbor skyline.

Your questions about what does the community get in return besides bed tax and some short term construction jobs is right on. How about if the Town requires the builder to provide so many units of permanent affordable housing or apartments or donate a large sum to the Community Home Trust for small houses within the town limits in order to get the go ahead to uglify our waterfront?

I hope folks will show up at the public meeting although it may already be a lost cause except for the color.