Sweet Berry ready for adoption at Friday Harbor Animal Shelter Featured

Hello! My name is Berry and I am two and a half years old. But don’t let the name mislead you. I’m actually a lady cat with the given name of ‘Strawberry.’ Who would name a classy cat like me after a fruit, you might ask? Well rumor has it, as I was born into quite the brothel of felines, food was not always easy to come by. Thus I found farmer John’s strawberry patch next door.

But this is all heresy, as I prefer to think my adorable name has more to do with the awesome sweetness that is inherently me. I am also very brave, outspoken and gentle, and have huge amounts of love to give.

Having grown up with tons of other kitties, feline companionship would be extremely ideal for me! My current place of residence is at the Friday Harbor animal shelter, so please come meet me soon!

Sincere regards, Strawberry AKA: Berry

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