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Zelda Friday Harbor APS Pet of the Week

Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society's Pet of the Week is Zelda, an approximately five-year-old, female domestic shorthair, brown tabby.

Hi, I’m Zelda! Although you may have already heard the story of how I ended up in the shelter, I’m here to tell you the real, insider story straight from the cat’s mouth — mine! The story, as the shelter knows it, is that I ended up in one of their traps meant for the feral cats and immediately upon realizing I was too lovey-dovey to be feral, they tried to find if I had owners.

But here’s what only I know, and what only I can tell you: I went into that trap intentionally. I know I’m not feral, but that doesn’t mean I’m not street-smart. These smarts led me to realize that these traps, once filled, made their way to APS-FH and that’s exactly where I wanted to be. Why you ask? Because although you may notice the beauty scars I’ve obtained from a life on the outside, what I have always really dreamed of, is being someone's. I long for the comfort, safety, and never-ending love that comes from being a part of a family. I made and executed the plan to get here, now I just need you to come adopt me!

Application: https://www.apsfh.com/adoption-program/feline-application/

ABOUT Origin: San Juan Island

Weight: 9lbs

Personality: Adventurous, Easy Going, Loving

Energy Level: Low to Medium

Likes: Dreamers, Cuddling, Comfortable Silence

Dislikes: Labels, Scaredy-Cats, Limitations


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