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Sign up for February fitness classes at Island Rec - live or on-demand

Island Rec –February Adult Fitness Adult online fitness classes are open for registration. Sign up for the whole month of February, or choose one of our drop-in options. To register, please visit our website, www.islandrec.org

Gentle Yoga and Destress

Live & On Demand Combo

NEW! Join yoga teacher, Katerina Wen and learn ways to deal with stress and anxiety. A great class to help you to stretch out your body and maintain your health and mobility during this shut down period. You will learn holistic ways to balance and harmonize your body and mind. The class will include step-by-step, easy to follow yoga poses, plus breathing exercises that will take you to a meditative, calming space. Along with having access to Katerina’s Live classes, you will then also get access to a video library of pre-recorded classes for the month, so you can practice whenever you like!

Ages 18+

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-10:20am

February $48

Drop-in, $6 (Drop-in option is live class only)

Gentle Yoga and Destress On Demand ONLY! NEW! All the greatness of Katerina’s Gentle Yoga class, but take class whenever you want, and don’t worry about missing live classes! Register for the month and receive a link to a fitness library. Take class when you want and as often as you want throughout the month. This Library will have 2 classes loaded initially, and then as Katerina teaches live each week in the month, more classes will be recorded and added to the Library.

Ages 18+

February $34

Balance and Stretch Live! W/ Katerina Wen

Balance is important for people of all ages. It tones the legs, strengthen your feet, ankle and knees. It is also one of the natural way to firm up the core and your gluteus muscles. Balance is known as the best practice for fall prevention, but it is also a wonder practice for your brain health. Stretching keeps you body health, increases the blood flow of your muscles, it is a great stress relief and can calm your mind.

Ages 18+,

Fridays 11:00-11:45am

January $36

Drop-in $7

Fit and Over 50! On Demand

Try a safe, heart healthy exercise class to energize your active lifestyle from the comfort of your own home with Jacquelyn Reiff. This class will use easy to follow low-impact movements, increase core and muscular strength, while working on balance and stretching to enhance your daily living. A chair can be used for standing support and exercises can be modified depending on fitness level. Register for the month and receive a link to a fitness library. Take class when you want and as often as you want throughout the month.

Ages 50+

February $34.

Gentle Pilates & Movement- On Demand

This Pilates & Movement class is gentle and slow moving with therapeutic influences. Emphasis will be on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. This restorative class builds the basics that keep our backs strong and free of chronic pain and tension. It will require focus, attention, deliberate movement, slowing down, and staying aware of your body. Appropriate for all fitness levels and ages. This class is On-Demand. That means you will be given access to a fitness library of 4 classes. Take the classes, when you want, and as often as you want within the month.

Ages 16+

February $34


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